Monday, March 19, 2012

Tool # 4: The Cloud

I have already used Google Apps with all of my classes this year. The first year students worked in pairs to create a presentation. The second year students worked in pairs to create a document that contained links to Internet sources. I collaborated on the documents by offering editing and suggestions.

The document collaboration worked well, and I will probably use that tool again. The presentations did not format as nicely as PowerPoint. The students were frustrated, and I was disappointed. I will probably assign PowerPoint presentations rather than Google Docs presentations in the future. Since I have already been using this tool, I believe I have fulfilled the goal of the assignment. It was one of the goals I chose for the year, and I have achieved it. I do not see the point of creating documents and forms that no one will use. I prefer to plan and implement actual lessons for students.

What I have not done previously was create a Google Form. Here is a new form that I could use to survey students in the class.

Click here to see the survey.

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