Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Tool # 6:Promoting Classroom Discussion

Last semester, I assigned an individual essay to students. They needed to identify and discus in writing one way to improve the health of the city, country or world. This assignment could become more collaborative by using Wallwisher. Instead of starting with an individual essay, students could brainstorm and share ideas about improving health. Students could build on each others ideas. As common themes emerged, students could form groups and explore areas of common interest. I anticipate it looking something like this:

I think Skype could be a useful tool to promote interaction between students and classes at different schools. The Health Science Interns and Memorial HS could Skype with students at Northbrook and Spring Woods High Schools. They could compare experiences at the hospital, and could share experiences in order to help each other prepare for future assignments. I do not yet have devices in my classroom with the cameras needed, but I have set up my Skype account.

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